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Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Ok...I lied. This is really not that important. It's about food and stuff. Because this is a food blog. And today I'm feeling particularly bloggy.

However...I will say that in a couple of weeks I'm going be able to share some really exciting news with you all. But until then your curious minds will have to wait. I promise it's good. I PROMISE, OK????



I'm really just wasting time because I'm thinking about what I've eaten recently that I can show you. Ah yes!

I went on a hiking trip on the Superior Hiking Trail in Duluth. I didn't make my goal (30 miles), but I did acquire a kickass injured ankle and knee. Win win? Don't answer that.

I did drown my sorrows in this though (the quinoa curry bowl from Duluth Grille), which was probably the best decision I made the entire trip. The cubes that look like tofu are actually fried garbanzo bean cubes (aka yummmm):

And then! I ate some schtuff at the beloved Herbivorous Butcher. This is their Italian Cold Cut sammy and the ghost pepper caramel they carry (made by Comfort Candy). Both were hella good and full of flavor. Beware of the spice of that caramel. It hit me right in the back of the throat while I was leaving and I'm pretty sure everyone in the shop thought I was gonna die because all of a sudden I sounded like Golem.

That caramel is the best/worst thing that ever happened to me. Jk I'm being dramatic, but it's pretty damn good.

Ok guys...until next time. Peace and luv.

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