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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Au revoir for now!

Hey all! I'm posting this from Berlin, Germany. I have good news and bad news...
The good news is that: I love that you have supported me throughout the last however many years I've been posting as MN Vegan, on fb/instagram/the blog. I'm glad ppl thought my posts were worthwhile at all.
The bad news: I've got some big plans for myself in the next 1.5-2 years and really need to focus on them. This Europe trip has made it even more apparent than before. I will no longer be posting as MN Vegan from here on out. I'll take down the fb in the next couple of days and leave the blog up. I AM STILL VEGAN. Vegan for life, yo.

You all have been wonderful, seriously. Thank you for saying hi to me at the vegan festivals and sharing in my joy of vegan food. We have a ton of options now in Minnesota and it's so great (check out HappyCow Vegan Guide, they're the best!) Peace and love always,

S Norine, The MN Vegan, and Bella

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