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Monday, January 2, 2017

MN Vegan's Best of 2016

Ok guys...I know that I've been more inactive than usual on this thing. That's because I'm mostly posting on the FB and IG these days (@themnvegan on both). Also I co-star on Feed Me Vegan and that's been keeping me busy too (@feedmeveganshow on IG and FB!). Check me out!

I felt it imperative, NAY-ABSOLUTELY 100% NECESSARY, to post about my favorite things that I ate this year, and lord knows I can't fit all of that in one FB/IG post (read: I eat a lot).

I wanted to make certain this was feasible for readers and so I made it very, very simple for you: Best Lunch/Dinner Meal, Best Breffest/Brunch Meal (bc it's my fave meal of the day. Luh you soooo very much, brunch, you the best), and Best Dessert (second favorite meal).

BEST LUNCH/DINNER MEAL: Gotta give it up to SeƱor Wongs in St Paul. If you're wanting a good lunch/Taco Tuesday/date dinner this place provides a damn good meal with lots of vegan options.

Honorary mention to anything that Herbivorous Butcher serves in their deli (sandwiches and soups mostly).

BEST BREFFEST/BRUNCH MEAL: The "Yes It's Vegan" donut sammy from Glam Doll Donuts. They use Herbivorous Butcher vegan meats and the vegan egg to make this awesome hangover killer. Check out the NE location of Glam Doll Donuts that just opened!

BEST DESSERT THING/MEAL: Any of the non-dairy ice creams from Milk Jam Creamery. Try the peanut butter Oreo one-it is bomb!

That's a wrap! And shout out to you guys (readers). You guys are the bestest. My page is almost at 50,000 hits and that warms my heart so much it might just burst. DO IT YOU GUYS. MAKE IT BURST. PLZ.

Ok enough of the tomfoolery. See you guys on the flip.

The MN Vegan

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